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Dear Loyal Readers,

I have just spent numerous hours making a Facebook page for Just Plain Crazy. Seriously, two hours. Imagine my chagrin when I learned I could just create a page off of my personal page. Sometimes I feel just plain stupid. I hope I have a gift for words, because I sure as Hell don’t have one for technology. If you like my blog posts, perhaps you’ll enjoy JPC’s Facebook page. JPC Facebook

My blog will be linked to my personal Facebook page and now to my public Just Plain Crazy Facebook page, so obviously some of you will receive new blog posts twice. (Sorry but not sorry.) JPC Facebook will include articles, videos, quotes, and pictures of all those things that interest me. So if you don’t like me, or my blog, or polar bears, or dogs, or cats, or any animal for that fact, or learning about various mental health issues, then by no means should you follow the JPC Facebook page. Consider that your fair warning. JPC Facebook will be my kind of crazy.

For those who don’t believe I taught my cats to use the toilet as referenced in my blog post Catnip…but for people, I have posted video proof on the Just Plain Crazy Facebook page. Direct link to my cat using the toilet Oh, and the time it took me to unearth that video from the archives was just plain crazy. (Honestly, an hour. Duh.)






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